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If you have arrived here, you want to rent a car and are not clear about anything. In this post, you will know everything you need to rent a car at the best price and without surprises. Let's go there!

Requirements to rent a car

Obviously, the first essential requirement is to have a driver's license. In most countries (all of Europe), a regular driving license is enough, but in some countries, they will ask you for an international driving license, which can be obtained from the DGT for about 10 dinars.

Do not forget your ID or Pport, since most car rental companies will ask you to verify your identity and make a photocopy in case a problem arises. Also, take your credit card with you because even if you have already paid, if you do not have full insurance, they will ask for a deposit to release you when you return the car.

Precautions and checks before renting

Before renting the car, obviously read all the fine print carefully. But the essential thing comes when you first see the rental car that you have been given. Check that everything is correct in the car, especially if you do not have full insurance.

Usually, when you deliver the car, it is filled record with the car's general condition before starting the vehicle, to record the actual state, to be returned in the same condition as rented.

Test that all the elements of the car work correctly (lights, belts, radio). But the most important thing is that you check the car's exterior to the millimetre and record even the smallest damage or scratch that it may have. If you do not state it, they may claim money for something that was already there when they gave it to you when you return.

For the record, it is also a good practice to take photos from all angles of the car to have documentary proof of the vehicle's condition.

Best companies to rent a car

No one company is better than others. What can be differentiated is between renowned global companies and local companies that are only in one or a couple of cities.

For global companies, it is easier to check "how well they work" as it is easy to find opinions and ratings from previous users. However, if you book your car, you will see opinions from all the rental companies. In fact, check the opinions a lot, because even if it is cheaper, a bad company can ruin your vacations.

You also have to know that rental companies are oriented to different segments. For the same car, there can be a lot of price differences. The car will be basically the same (maybe with a difference of kilometres). The main difference between one company or another will be the distance from the downtown office or the airport, and the waiting time to rent the car (they have more or fewer employees hired)

Where to rent a cheap car

Renting a cheap car is possible if you know where to look clearly. It is recommended using a rental company comparator, which searches for you all the companies' prices so that you can choose the car and the price that best suits your trip.

Rent a Car Dubai

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Cheapest rental car Dubai

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