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1.The Fastest and Easiest Crypto Exchange Platform With Connections To Over 35 Global Market Exchanges

Buying bitcoin just got easier with the fastest and the first time arbitrage cryptocurrency exchange platform – Bitcoin Mart.

With so many cryptocurrency exchange companies out there, it would be pretty difficult to pick one that suits all your crypto trading requirements and provides you with fast and easy exchange solutions for all your cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin mart makes that decision easy for you by not only providing you with fast exchange solutions, but also giving you the best exchange rates and access to other services that would make it easy for you to buy bitcoin, buy ethereum tokens and also exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and other currencies at the cheapest prices ever.

We are connected to over 35 Global coin market and we provide you with regular updates on bitcoin and ethereum prices to reflect the current value of the coin and the future predicted value and help you speculate intelligently to get the best out of your investments.

  1. What’s in it for you?

Convenience Of transactions

 At Bitcoin Mart, because we realize that ease of transacting business with our customer’s plays a major role in client satisfaction, our platforms allow for several different kinds of payments in exchange for cryptocurrency. We accept any form of currency, credit cards, digital currency, cryptocurrency and even electronic online payments in exchange for cryptocurrency. We can even send the Cryptocurrency straight to your bitcoin wallet giving you more convenience when you trade with us.

Secure Platform for Transactions

We provide our clients with secure bitcoin wallets for storing their currency and making transactions and our exchange platform implements the best security technology utilizing offline cold storage wallets, two factor authentication and encrypted databases. Our technology ensures that our database is fully protected from cybercrime by storing pwords as hashes, giving you a platform to trade bitcoin safely.

We Get The Best Exchange Rates For You:

We help you speculate like a pro. By use of an Arbitrage system which compares prices from over 19 sources, we remove the headache of speculating on bitcoin prices from you and get you the lowest rates for buying cryptocurrency thereby helping you make more profit from your cryptocurrency investments.

We Add Value To Your Transactions:

 We help you create and manage your portfolio of transactions. That way you have access to all your cryptocurrency transactions in one place.

 At Bitcoin Mart, all our clients’ digital ets are insured and in the unlikely event of theft or a breach in our security, our insurance policy would pay to our customers the equivalent of what was lost in ets. This insurance policy however only covers for losses due to compromise of Bitcoin Mart vault or from the fault of any of the company’s staff and does not include breach in individual customer accounts. It is your duty as our Client to ensure that your account is secure by using strong pwords and ensuring that all your login details are kept private.

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