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Thai mage, although it came from India after Buddhism, is certainly a symbol of Thailand!

In Dubai in every street is a series of mage parlors, cafes and hotels =) Mage is so affordable that it’s simply impossible not to take advantage of such an attractive offer!

The main types and techniques of mage spa: traditional Thai, as well as Oil, Slim, Herbal, Hot stone and others. In order to choose the right one you need to know a couple of points.

The basis of the traditional Thai mage technique is knowledge of the energy points of the human body, the effect of which helps to regulate the flow of energy, to establish the functioning of the body.
You can choose one of the proposed options:

Thai mage - traditional Thai mage, sometimes they also distinguish Deep thai mage (deep)
Oil mage - mage with oils, it can be Aroma mage (you will be given a smell of a couple of oils and choose between lavender and rose), coconut oil - with coconut oil, aloe vera, etc.
Slim (cellulite) - anti-cellulite mage
Herbal hot pack - mage with hot herbal bags
Hot stone - hot stone mage
〉 And the trick is that an unsuspecting tourist, holding in his head a picture of incredible relaxation and enjoyment, takes and selects the famous traditional mage. And it’s not just relaxation that awaits him, but an hour or a half of twisting, stretching, wrapping his body and limbs in such directions that they should not bend, pressing with knees and elbows, yoga poses, etc. Guys, believe me, this is not for the faint of heart! If you spent a year in an office chair, never went to the gym - it will seem torture to you.

mage, Thai mage, Thai mage, Oil, Slim, Hot stone, traditional mage, anti-cellulite, mage with oil, hot stones, herbal bags

Secondly, you need to understand that there are a number of health restrictions, for example, if you have problems with the spine - in no case, without the recommendation of your doctor, you should not entrust yourself to the meur on a tourist street. I am sure that not all mage therapists have gone through lengthy and high-quality training in techniques, and Thai mage is closer to medicine than to beauty services. It can also harm the body.

mage, Thai mage, Thai mage, Oil, Slim, Hot stone, traditional mage, anti-cellulite, mage with oil, hot stones, herbal bags

Of course, there are people who simply adore such “exercises”. I just want to warn those who have never tried what to be prepared for ? And so, it's over, try everything yourself! You can ask the secret to do not very actively, it will sound like “strong note”.

〉 If you choose any type of mage with oils (an average of 300 baht), then you can already lie on a mat (mage tables in Thai culture are not accepted) and relax. Of course, sometimes finger pressure on the muscles can be very strong, causing pain or discomfort, tell the meuse about this, they themselves often ask if it hurts, is everything okay. It's nice that the whole body is being worked out from the toes to the crown. Usually, near the end of the session, they mage your head, and then still slightly pull your back and arms, resting your knees on your back.

〉 I can’t say anything about anti-cellulite mage, I didn’t go, but my favorite is a hot stone mage!

I believe that it is more correct to call it a spa procedure! Everyone who has never tried this bliss is simply obliged to try!
Mage, of course, costs three times more (an average of 900 baht), but also lasts 90 minutes instead of 60, and is really a real relaxation of the body.

mage, Thai mage, Thai mage, Oil, Slim, Hot stone, traditional mage, anti-cellulite, mage with oil, hot stones, herbal bags

I will try to convey my enthusiasm for the procedure in words. A quiet melody played in the cabin, the light was dim, and mattresses with pillows lay on the floor. They brought an ordinary wok with a double boiler, just like in our house, and there was water with herbs in it, and when the water began to boil, an amazing smell filled the room!
The session began with a regular relaxation mage with a plentiful amount of oil, after which the meurs took up the heated stones in their hands and began to lead them over parts of the body. In general, I lay with my eyes closed and enjoyed the process, but decided to peep: secretly took the stones from the double boiler simply with my hands! They are hot !! Then she put them on her wrist, checked whether they were burning or comfortable temperature, and only then leaned them against my body. Later, when the session was completed, she showed her hands, which she slightly burned ?
Why do I recommend this mage? It is long, you have time to relax, plunge into the world of sensations, a delicate mage, without bending and other twisting, as in a traditional Thai mage, periodically stones will be placed on you that will gradually give off their heat, this is very pleasant and good for health (again not everyone, any mage has limitations)!

After the mage, they always offer to sit down, drink green tea, come to

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What is the Thai Mage Dubai

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