Electrical Appliances

1 Swimming pool Heater
Arabian Pool brings the finest quality swimming pool heaters to Abu Dhabi to make your pool an all season pool. Beat the winter blues by splashing...
1 outdoor heaters in UAE with delivery in Dubai , Sharjah , Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.
Get a warm temperature on the patio with our gas patio heater rental. Winter is a cold time and we know that many of our customers enjoy eating...
Water heater installation dubai
There will continuously be some water siphons that glitch startlingly Water Heater Repair Dubai for various reasons and hence must be fixed or...
1 12000 Evaporative Air Cooler
But there are plenty of benefits to portable air conditioners, as well. “A portable unit can be on wheels and rolled from room to room and includes...
1 Quartz tube pyramid patio heater with electric ignition (S.S)
The quartz tube inside this outdoor heater offers many advantages versus gl tube. More purity, heat efficiency and resistance to sudden...
1 Portable Mist Fan
Mist fan is ideal for increasing the comfort level of guests and in outdoor areas and extending the season for outdoor events. These misting fans...
2 Patio heaters rental Dubai, Abu Dhabi
If you need a lot of heat, a propane-powered heater is the next step up from electric heaters. Propane is convenient because the energy source can...
2 Outdoor patio heaters

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This outdoor gas heater can be used also for warehouse, garage and shop heating, on rental basis for outdoor wedding, banquets and other social...
1 Evaporative air coolers

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Recently, people are attracted towards the medium evaporative coolers. This air cooler is a perfect way to keep the temperature under control in...
2 Portable AC short / long term rental
We offer you three different type of portable ac units which are: Split Type Units, which are most suitable for usage in environments such as...
2 CM-7500s slim cooling machine
The advantage of this cooling machine over the other 8000m3/h outdoor coolers is the slim design. With 50cm width only, It could be fitted in...

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Summer in Middle East are very crucial in our health that is why we are here to help you sort it out and our outdoor cooling are very friendly...
1 XC-12000 Air Cooler

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All coolers have refillable water tanks which are strategically placed for effortless accessibility. Evaporative coolers can be utilized...
1 Outdoor Cooler

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If you are living in a place where it is very dry in summer and humidity level in the air is very low then you should purchase misting fans who...
Online UPS System
Compactups provide Online series 1 – 10 KVA-Single Phase online ups and online ups system for the various applications including desktops,...
2 Industrial fans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
As a leading supplier of Industrial fans in Dubai and Commercial Grade Air Circulators, we recognized throughout the industry for the...
1 S&A Industrial water chiller CWFL-6000 for 6KW fiber laser cutting machine
Website: https://www.teyuchiller.com   Industrial water chiller CWFL-6000PRO is designed for cooling 6kw fiber laser cutting machine. With dual...
1 Industrial stand fan

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Specifications: Airflow: 11,100 m³/hour Blades diameter: 650 mm/26” Watt: 100 W (+/-) 10% RPM: 370-375 Total height: 1,450 mm Power: 100...
2 Mushroom, Pyramid, Gas, Electric Patio heaters for sale
All you needs for outdoor heating is here! Our one of the best outdoor patio heater is the mushroom type. It can heat small spaces without wasting...
2 Floor Standing / Free standing AC Air conditioners
The biggest advantage of the spot air conditioner line is the quick cooling without chiseling. Portable air conditioner at the cold end...